What We Do


At Live Streaming NI our goal is to make it easy for you to get your event “on-air”. We take care of everything that’s needed to make your event a success. That means we offer much more than simply streaming your video.  We work with you, as a partnership, before during and after your broadcast.   We take direct responsibility for vitally important tasks such as:


  • Creating and programing the web site and pages where your broadcast will appear;
  • All the technical aspects of getting your event “on air”;
  • Setting up access control to manage who can view your content;
  • Providing the e-commerce module for your project including selling access to your content and processing payments;
  • Undertaking any post-event video editing that may be necessary and hosting your videos for on-demand viewing.

We manage everything in-house, so you only have to deal with one point of contact. It also means we know exactly what is going on within every aspect of your live streaming project – so there’s no confusion and no blank expressions when you ask us a question!

Simply use the Contact Us page to get things underway.  Alternatively please use the email link and telephone number at the top right corner of this page to contact us.

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