Finger_only_for_webLive streaming works because it delivers benefits both to event organisers and event participants.

The way in which people want to experience and participate in events has changed. People now expect to be able to access content online and when it suits them.  The exponential growth in live and on-demand video within the conference and event industry and the explosion of video for the web and social media makes streaming an essential part of the marketing and communications mix for events of all sizes and across all sectors.

For many events, the majority of participants will live within a 100 miles radius of the event venue. Streaming frees your event from restrictions of geographic location and time zones.  Streaming also means you can vastly increase the audience for your event – your audience no longer has to be available on the day of the event, they don’t have to travel or book accommodation and they don’t have to take extra time out of their schedules to participate in it.  Equally, on-demand recordings mean they can watch at a time and place that suits them.

Those who want to attend your event will do so.  Streaming brings in an additional audience who, for a whole raft of reasons, would would not attend the physical event and whom you would never be able to reach.  That additional audience may simply be extra viewers or it may constitute a valuable source of income, if you are using our subscription and pay-to-view services.

For event organisers, online delegates generate income without the expense associated with room hire, catering, printing, photocopying, name badges and delegate bags.

Real time participation is possible as online delegates can interact with those in the room and can even ask questions during question and answer sessions through social media and chat apps such as Twitter and Facebook.  All of which can be displayed on the same page as the video.

Our experience shows that for international conferences that are held annually  in different cities around the world, there is a clearly defined nucleus of people who travel to such events every year, but there is a potentially much greater additional audience keen to participate online.

On demand viewing extends the life of your event.  It no longer needs to die when the last speaker leaves the stage. And you can sell access to the content 24 hours a say.

We’ll be happy to explore the many ways in which streaming can benefit your next event.

Simply use the Contact Us page to start the conversation – without obligation.

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