Live streaming effectively creates your own television station – at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Streaming your events online is much cheaper than you might imagine. And if you are already using cameras to record the event or to project live pictures onto a big screen, then the streaming element will represent only a minimal additional cost.

We usually provide a complete audio-visual solution for your event (including cameras, technicians and sound equipment etc) but we are equally happy to integrate with your existing audio-visual team if you prefer.

Our goal is to make live streaming affordable and available to everyone. So we work hard to keep costs under control. The price will be determined by factors such as:

  • how much equipment and how many technicians/operators we have to provide;
  • whether it is a stand alone live broadcast or there is an additional on-demand element;
  • whether any subsequent editing is required;
  • whether you require services such as access control, e-commerce or a dedicated website.

Every event is different and each will have areas where costs can be minimised. We will work with you to plan the most cost-effective live streaming and on-demand package that works for you.

Our experienced project manager will be delighted to discuss your needs and can advise on achieving your goals.

Simply use the Contact Us page to email us with details of your event and we will be happy to call you to discuss the options with you, without obligation. Alternatively please contact us using the telephone number shown at the top of this page.

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