coins2One of the main differentiators of Live Streaming NI is that we offer you powerful and flexible fully-featured e-Commerce and revenue generation solutions to support your live streaming and on-demand videos.

Making your video content available online doesn’t mean you have to give it away. On the contrary, having your video content online can create an important and additional source of income for you.

In fact, your “pay-to-watch” video content has the potential to offer higher profit margins than physical event delivery. Online video doesn’t attract the same overheads (such as venue hire, catering, name badges, delegate bags/packs, photocopying etc) and you can sell access to it at any time – not just for the few hours that the physical event was taking place.

Your“pay-to-watch” subscription model can be used to offer access to your live event as well as the subsequent on-demand footage.   Our system is immensely flexible and you have complete control over who has access to your content.

Here’s a few of the key features:

•    Visitors can buy access to just one speaker, one session, one day, or the whole event. This
enables you to create a range of payment levels to maximise your revenue;

•    For associations and organisations we can create differential pricing for members and offer a
discounted rate. You can even offer members free access to videos as one of their membership benefits;

•    Access to the video content can be granted for a specified time (number of days) or number of
views rather than being open ended;

•    Subscribers can also purchase a recurring monthly or annual subscription to view your video;

All of our subscription services are very flexible and can be customised to meet your particular needs.  Simply use the Contact Us page to send us details of your event and we’ll be happy to call you to discuss your specific requirements.

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