Byrne Wedding

Congratulations to Christine and Frank

We hope you enjoyed the live stream  of their wedding in Belfast on 7 August 2019.
The stream has now ended but the recording of it is now available to view below.

Press the play button in the centre to begin the video and click or tap on the little square the “full screen” icon in the bottom right of the play bar to make the video full screen.
Most of all……enjoy!

Download instructions:  Make sure the video has started to play, then right click on it and select “save video as”.  It won’t work if the video hasn’t started to play. You can save it to your PC as an .mp4 movie file.
Once downloaded you can rename it (right click on the file and select “rename”) but make sure it still ends in .mp4

The first file is just over 6Gb.  The version  lower down the page is 3.4Gb and will fit on a DVD if you want to gie copies of it to people.


This version is 3.4Gb and will fit on a DVD

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